Dusty is one of the most brilliant developers I’ve ever worked with. He has a deep understanding of technology and business.

Dan Caffee (CEO and Venture Capitalist)

Who am I?

Over 18 years of seasoned experience with software development, automation and technology leadership. This includes a heavy emphasis on high volume data transactions, reporting and analytics.

  • 15 years of application and cloud development.
  • 10+ years providing devops server infrastructure support with recent experience focused on code automation through continuous integration, continuous deployment and container driven services using docker.
  • 9 years of leadership experience in roles as a team lead, architect, director and chief technology officer.

Current Study

Learning helps me continue to grow and provide fresh perspectives to daily efforts. As a natural side effect I find it fun and relaxing. Here is a short list of items I am currently exploring both personally and professionally.

  • Cloud / Architecture: AWS solutions architect certification, cloud driven big data analytics and source code pipelines using continuous integration and deployment strategies.
  • Data Warehousing, analytics and mining: Anything and everything data driven including, ETL / data warehouse strategies, analytics and open data set mining.
  • Business and Marketing: Entrepreneurship is in my heart and I love to build and grow businesses and business units. I feel that anything I can absorb in these areas makes me an effective business asset and leader.

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